My Neighbour (A Mystery)

Poetry, portfolio

My neighbour and I have never met.
But here are my clues, my insight as of yet…

They are very quiet,
Too quiet, really.
Like a mouse in a house with a square of cheese…
I wonder, are they alone or simply trying to appease,
And what do they think as I make noise as I please?

Every day at seven forty,
Heels bellow through the hall.
But never once, have I ever heard a door…
I think to myself, do feet really walk that floor?
Surely, then, I’d hear something more…

Only one more piece
Do I have of my neighbour,
One Saturday a month I hear sad songs play…
I muse, neighbour, why do you feel this way?
Do you mark this moon too…on these stars do you pray?


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