Poetry, portfolio

Fingertips find each other
Delicate, adjusting,
Hesitant first…
Flowers grow, in-between
Spaces growing smaller…
Alive in all senses
Singing operatic chords,
Gushing lightning and rivers.

You tease your fingers along mine
Lips linger in my palm.
Cool, sweet saliva
Drives my hands to your waist.

You run yours through my hair,
Blonde velvet swaying for you.
I arch like the opening
To a stately home…
Where roses are blue
In a sea of green…
Where still I would find
My way back to you…

I fall forward, to you, lean in your arms,
Slow breath warm, familiar, of you…

The universe awakens,
In the darkest corners
Of your eyes.


Roses pore in rain…velvet kisses, red.
The willow trees sing in a Capella.
As the clouds walk on, watching overhead,
The willow tree tarries; the birds’ umbrella.
Distant oceans, so constant, ever change –
Fish just keep swimming, waves keep swaying on…
Time recalls, yet awaits us disarranged…
Before we know, with the wind, she is gone.
One foot then the other… one, two, three,
Feeling shapes of the Earth, songs used to be –
With every dawn brings another dusk,
Every step becoming evermore – free.
Lavish the rain in your soul’s singing heart,
Always, with yourself, you’ll never depart.

© Rendering Words