Poetry, portfolio

☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾

Darkling, dreamer,
Stars simmer at the brim tonight.

Bluebells reach, high from your palms;
Sweet teacups collecting cool rain.
Fairies flit and flicker witches’ psalms,
Purple hues haze in novocaine.

Swim the black sea with me,
Swing through planets, galaxies,
Feel the darkness, in all its glory –
Silken, salacious, upholstery,
Into dark delectability…

Feel it seep in
To every crease of your mind.

Darkling, dreamer,
Lick the salt from my neck.
Let your tongue swell, three times,
Until your mouth hangs open…

And you cannot breathe.

☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾

Poetry, portfolio

You claim to play piano –
One piece over doesn’t count.

You say you play guitar –
Wonderwall isn’t hard.

I’ve heard Mad World repeated
So many times, it’s insane.

Yet, this poem doesn’t rhyme –
Then I suppose I’m to blame.

You play your pedantic games –
I’ll dance in flailing rhythm.

Stream of Consciousness: To be honest…

Poetry, portfolio

It is funny
How life can change,
How people change…
And yet change –
So strange –
Consistent as the seasons…
Is the only constant I know…

Right now, I should be studying
The stapedial reflex and
The anatomical basis of deafness

Instead I’m listening to Prince
And writing poetry (again)
And all this advice
About what’s a good life
What’s wrong, what’s right
Is just white noise and purple rain,
These words all that’s keeping me sane

From the cadavers and scalpels…
The floor stained yellow with formaldehyde.
I see my reflection, just for a minute,
Dark eyes, limp hair, they should cut me open too.

Don’t get me wrong
I still love coffee
And people are still ill..

But medics offer little comfort, you see
(And believe me I’ve tried),
Too busy skipping
From one case to the next…
A portfolio for the management
Just another corporate claw.

And while I’ve no fucking clue
Where I go from here
And god knows there’s no living in poetry
This is the best I know how
To offer comfort, and support,
In this labyrinth of suffering.