A rose is a rose

Poetry, portfolio

Glacier cherry mouth,
Lilting, flash of white,
Latex dripping
From fingertips;

Malboro kisses inhale
Deep, deep, deeper…
Vodka bites
The tongues of men.

Heels drag blocks,
Moonlight tastes rain.
Still a rose,
Is just a rose;
This pain, still your pain.

Poetry, portfolio

Not quite pain,
Not soft, not rough.

My back burns
My lobster hands, un-phased.
Water reddens my skin
And I am cleaned as a steamed suit.

The toaster no longer
Exalts it’s own pop-up reaction
From me.
My fingers turn crumpets easily.

And your name,
Not quite pain, nor soft, nor rough,
Brands my heart no more –

Time has numbed me,
But protected me, I’m unsure –

My hands still burn, see…
I’m afraid one day, they’ll scorch.